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Scrum-But is still better than what you are doing

For the last three years, I have been implementing Scrum methodologies in the companies I have been joining. A couple of years ago I joined a company that was trying to rewrite its e-commerce website for a year and a half. Applying Scrum and shuffling the team to have the assets we needed to build […]

Thoughts about React, Redux & javascript in 2016

The Javascript language is transforming, with ES6 & new frameworks following different philosophies, if you are currently doing some ES5 with Backbone; it’s time you give it a look before the whole ecosystem changes without you. To put this piece in perspective, I started ten years ago as an HTML/CSS/Javascript integrator with IE6, lived the […]

Where did my Google Drive “shared with me” tab go?

Update: Google changed Incoming back to Shared with me. Without even probably realizing it Google Drive have become an integral part of my day to day toolset, everyone in my company use it to share documents across teams & departments. For a tool to be useful It is important that our workflow is as painless […]