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Drone Aerial Photography

It would not be wrong to call 2017 the year of drones as they got so much more popular and accessible for the general public. That naturally means that their use in many industries increased as well. One place where the impact was really visible was photography. Ever since drones with cameras were released to the public, drone aerial photography has taken it to the next level.

Last year too we got to see some amazing shots taken from a flying drone. If you need proof, go ahead and check out the online community call Dronestagram. As the name suggests, it is like an Instagram of all things drones. The pictures taken with drones are shared with the world there and truth be told most of them are spectacular.

Check out these photos at: 20 Best Drone Photos from 2017

This is now all the more possible thanks to the efforts of drone makers to also improve the picture quality by utilizing high definition cameras. These cameras are capable of capturing the tiniest of the details from a far distance. They are being used to capture all kinds of subjects. Drone aerial photography can be used to cover wildlife, nature, buildings or culture. The sky is really the limit here when it comes to the possibilities of photography and videography with drones.

Among the best pictures selected by this very forum include beautiful images of a forest in Romania, fields of lavender in France, and a beautiful beach town from Cinq Terre, Italy. These images clearly show how this form of photography is helping photographer take photos from heights that without drones were not quite possible. For such sort of pictures, people usually had to resort to helicopters and take images from there. Now, with drones, they can take the same images without even needing to go up in the air. You have a remote control and a live feed on any device that can help you get the focus right where you want it to be and capture the most beautiful image.

Obviously, for the pictures to be immaculate you need the best drone too. What you need is something that is easy to control and equipped with the highest quality camera. Eagle Eye camera drones are perfect for doing drone aerial photography as they meet all the requirements for your photography adventures and are easy on the pocket. Price is also a big concern for budding photographers as camera alone can be quite expensive let alone the drone. For this reason, dragon provides a viable solution that provides similar quality as that of high-end camera drones in a price tag that is affordable.

This technology has taken the world by storm and photography, of course, got the biggest impact. These are used for recording footage of events and take photos of nature, wildlife and much more. That time is near when drones are included in photography courses and become an integral part of the world of photography.

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