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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Windows VR Headset?

Windows VR headset and the Smartphone headset: which is best?

You can choose between the Windows VR headset and the smartphone VR headset. But, which one is best to use? This is the question that many people have, when they are considering purchasing a VR headset. There are a variety of headsets that they can choose from, and they don’t know if the windows or the smartphone headset is going to be best. With this comparison, you will know for sure if you want to purchase the VR headset for the smartphone or for Windows:

The price between the Windows and the smartphone headset

The main difference between these VR headsets is the price. The Windows version is really expensive. A lot more than the average smartphone headset. There are different types of smartphone headsets, and their prices are different. However, if you are considering purchasing the Eagle eye VR headset, it is going to be a lot less than the windows version.

Those that are playing a lot on their PC, will want to purchase the headset that is compatible with windows. However, this limits you’re playing and it is really a lot more expensive.

The feature difference between them

When you are looking at the features between the Windows VR headset and the smartphone headset like the Eagle eye VR headset, then the first thing that you will see is that the normal VR headset is portable and can be taken everywhere. While there is a cable between the windows headset and the PC. Making it harder to move around.

The windows version can’t be used on a large variety of computers. This should be a state of the art computer with the best software. While with the Eagle eye VR headset, you can use almost any phone in the headset and be able to have a lot of fun with it.

The reason why people prefer the smartphone headset

The smartphone VR headset like the Eagle eye VR headset is a lot more popular than the windows version. This is because of the price and the fact that you are limited when you are using the windows version.

With the high-quality smartphone VR headset, you are going to be able to get the games for playing in virtual reality freely online and most of these games are free. With the windows version, you are going to pay a lot of money to be able to purchase games that are compatible with the headsets. And, this after you has spent a lot of money in purchasing the headset.

The Windows VR headset and the smartphone VR headset. Which one is really the best? It might depend on your preferences, but most people are claiming that the smartphone VR headset is giving you more value for money. It is cheaper than the windows version, and you can choose between a larger variety of headsets. For example, if you are looking for a great smartphone headset, you should consider purchasing the Eagle eye VR headset.

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