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14 Common Misconceptions About The Note 5 VR Headset

Can you use Samsung VR headsets for other brand phones?

note 5 VR headsetSamsung is one of the more popular headsets that you can purchase, especially when it comes to the Note 5 VR headset. However, is this really going to be the best thing for you, to purchase a brand VR headset like this one? This is the one mistake that so many people are making. They think that the top brands headsets are those that you should rather consider. This information will show you some reasons why you should consider other brands as well:

Can you use the Samsung headsets for other brand phones?

You might think that you will be able to use other brand phones in the Samsung headset, but you are wrong. This is a headset that can only be used with a specific Samsung phone. Meaning that if you are purchasing another phone, you need to pay money again for another headset.

This is a way for them to ensure that people are purchasing their headsets. You don’t need to purchase another headset all the time, when you are purchasing a headset like the Eagle eye VR headset.

Price of headsets

One thing that you should remember is that when you are purchasing a popular brand name headset, like the Samsung, you are going to pay a lot of money for the headset. This is because you are basically paying for the name of the brand.

There are some other, better headsets that are cheaper than the Samsung headsets and that have much better features. A great example of this type of headset is the Eagle eye VR headset.

Compatibility considerations

Yes, the Samsung Note 5 VR headset might look great and is durable, but this isn’t the only thing that you should consider when purchasing a headset. You should also consider if the headset is compatible with other phones as well.

The problem is that there aren’t many headsets that are great quality, that is compatible with more than one brand phone. The Eagle eye VR headset is just one of a few where you can use almost any phone to enjoy 3D gaming and movie watching.

A brand that you can trust

Samsung is popular and you can trust the brand, however, this isn’t the only brand that you can trust. Especially when it comes to the VR headsets. If you are looking for a brand that you really can trust and that are going to deliver on their promises of a high-quality VR headset at affordable prices, then you should consider the Eagle eye VR headset. This is a brand that you can trust for sure.

Many people are purchasing the Note 5 VR headset, just to find out that it isn’t compatible with other phones. This means that you are wasting a lot of money when you are upgrading your phone and you need to purchase another headset as well. The Eagle eye VR headset is the one brand that you can trust and that you can know is compatible with other brand phones. The Samsung headsets aren’t compatible with any other phone except the Samsung smartphones.

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